Heaton Photography Landscape Designs is owned and operated by professional photographer David Heaton. David specializes in natural color landscape and close-up photography. With over 35 years experience in photography, he has had portrait studios in Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. David served as the president and board member of the Professional Photographers of Nevada for many years. In 1994 he established Landscape Designs for stock photography and fine art sales. David strives to capture beautiful places and special moments in time that are not easily seen by others. David’s desire is to discover, enjoy, record and share the wonderful beauty of our Earth. David was born in Nevada but spent most his life in Utah. He has been involved with the world of art since he was very young and after many years of working as a professional portrait photographer, he discovered a love for landscape photography. Photography is the key to expressing his artistic and creative emotions.

Now living in Boulder, Utah, David spends most of his time taking in and photographing the beautiful Southwest. David also does custom printing for other photographers and artists